If you succeed, we succeed.

Take the next step

It’s how the best partnerships work. We’ve built a successful business that will be committed to helping you grow. By accessing our assets, you can short-cut to journey to growth.

Why partner with us?

Alongside Consulting Path, we have a client facing resourcing & consulting business. The group business has, to date, turned over £30m, overcoming all of the barriers and risks along the way.

Our directors all come from 15+year corporate backgrounds, and at one stage or another switched – motivated by the prospect of growing a business. We have done just that and are now a consultancy and resourcing business proudly servicing the brand you see below.

“I’ve now got highly skilled people out working in multiple clients. My plan is to move from working day rate to purely an oversight role in projects – towards a portfolio career”

– Don, Consulting Partner since 2017.

“I’ve benefitted from being able to add subject matter experts to my project at short notice –with great feedback from the client. I simply couldn’t have done this alone.”

– Chris, Consulting Partner since 2016.

What next?

For more details on what we can provide in partnership and how it works, please contact us and we will send through our brochure via email.

Or email us your details at: enquiries@consultingpath.co.uk