Develop clients. Grow your teams. Monetise resourcing services.

Take the next step

At Consulting Path we offer independent consulting partners a new way to move beyond their own day-rate income. Manage the risks of scaling up and access income from new services.

What is the opportunity?

We are looking for independent experts operating at a senior level within clients. Those who are already adept at marketing their skills and managing their network. Consultants who want to now move onto monetising a portfolio of clients and services.

Research by Equiteq demonstrates how few consultancies manage to do this at scale.

Why is this?

Mainly risk — at some stage the founder must move past selling just their own time, to focus on business development and building consultancy teams to deliver bigger projects.

Sacrificing day rate earnings to do this can be difficult. Building an employee consulting team carries the utilisation risk and is a step too far for most. Those are the key challenges we help overcome.

Outstanding end-client satisfaction

What next?

For more details on what we can provide in partnership and how it works, please contact us and we will send through our brochure via email.

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