Grow day-rate consulting into a portfolio of clients and services.

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At Consulting Path we help small consulting businesses win, develop & retain clients. By partnering with independent consultants, we develop revenue streams from multiple clients and services.

All under a no-risk value-share partnership model.

Introducing a new platform for independent consultants

A new way to grow beyond day-rate income

Many successfully switch from a corporate background. But few move past selling their own time. We can help you further monetise your consultancy skills and contacts.

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Why partner
with us?

It’s simple – we only succeed if you do. And Consulting Path has been built as a business that will be fully committed to helping you grow by utilising our resourcing services.

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Outstanding end-client satisfaction

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For more details on what we can provide in partnership and how it works, please contact us and we will send through our brochure via email.

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